ENA Services

We help companies in marketing, sales and customer retention.

We think digitally and work across all channels: we use digital technologies to optimize the entire customer journey – online and offline. From analyses and workshops, to concepts and operational project management, we are your problem solver, idea provider and sparrings partner.

Which challenges can we help you with? Here are some examples…

Establish digital competencies

Building up digital marketing know-how in a company can take a lot of time. First of all, the individual requirements of the company must be defined and job profiles for new positions must be developed. Then the positions must be adequately filled.

As an external extension of the team, ENA can promote projects and coach the internal team. We can also help you develop your digital strategy and set up your digital team.



(Re-)Launch of web projects

You are planning the launch/relaunch of your internet presence or your online shop and need support for the conception or in project management? Many e-commerce or digital agencies have their focus on the technical implementation. We expand your project team in conception, design and project management and make sure that all solutions are customer-oriented.

Choosing the right online channels

Digitalization opens up many opportunities for communication and the distribution of products and services. We will help you to select and use the appropriate channels depending on the product, target group and objectives. In doing so, we consider short-term success in increasing sales as well as the sustainable benefits for your brand, e.g. through increased brand awareness or positive image effects.

Implementing projects and innovations successfully

Good project ideas and product innovations, which were developed in elaborate workshops (e.g. Design Thinking), often fail because they are not properly implemented. We not only help you with the structured development and testing of ideas, but also accompany the project implementation and thus ensure a successful realization of your projects.

Improve webshop performance

Your online sales are falling short of expectations despite your strong brand and attractive product portfolio? There can be many reasons for this. We check your online shop for conceptual weaknesses, technical errors and user-centered design. In addition to the overall setup, we develop a marketing concept and an individual reporting structure.

Mastering capacity bottlenecks

Fluctuations in capacity load cannot always be compensated for by internal personnel.

You have competent employees – but they work on many projects at the same time and spend most of their time in meetings or coordination. We reduce the workload of your internal team and provide the necessary push and pace to ensure that important projects are carried out successfully.


Convincing through story telling

You need a convincing story for a programme, a campaign or a management presentation? We quickly understand your business model and your problem and get to the heart of your message in a concise and above all target group-oriented manner.


Let us find out together whether and how we can help you. We look forward to the exchange!

Our activities focus on four main topics:

Online Marketing

Reach online marketing goals with individual marketing concepts.


Strategic development and optimization of e-commerce solutions and activities.

Digital Consulting

Sustainable strategies, roadmaps & concepts for brands in the digital age.

Products & Services

Concept & design of digital solutions with intuitive user interface.